Meet Our Clients

Carlos Wallace

Million$Pen, Ink. is proud of our client Carlos Wallace. The Lecturer, T.V and film Producer and Philanthropist’s first book, “Life Is Not Complicated, You Are,” is now a national bestseller and part of the Psychology curriculum at Lone Star College-University Park in Houston, Texas where Mr. Wallace is a guest lecturer.  Million$Pen, Ink. is also the exclusive publisher of Mr. Wallace’s new book, “The Other 99 T.Y.M.E.S”.


When we meet our clients, we never really know what to expect. The one thing that is always certain: we do our best to meet, and whenever possible exceed their expectations. Every job is a priority. That is not a catch-line. It is the essence of our company. Every once in awhile a project comes along that has a profound, life-altering effect on our company and our staff;  an assignment that reminds us what we do matters and our efforts can contribute to work that changes lives. “Life Is Not Complicated” is one of those projects. Please view and share this promotional video from Author Carlos Wallace. The piece offers a very personal and inspirational narrative about his first literary effort. While he freely admits his journey is no different from (or any more meaningful than) others who have overcome challenges, there is something so deeply poignant and intimate about this story. The author’s candor and vulnerability make this work relatable. “Life Is Not Complicated, You Are” offers a broad perspective with a personal appeal that leaves readers confident that they too can win against all odds. Million$Pen, Ink. is proud to be part of this vital project. This is only the beginning. Click here to learn more about Carlos Wallace. To order a copy of “Life Is Not Complicated, You Are”, please click here.

Eddie B

Houston native Eddie B is stand-up on steroids. The dynamic performer is singlehandedly changing the comedy game, tapping into the minds of teachers around the world and selling out major arenas throughout the country in minutes!

While others waited in the wings for a shot at becoming a top standup comic, Eddie soared to new heights by creating his own opportunity with the blockbuster “Teachers Only Tour“! The worldwide comedy showcase is shattering attendance records with sold-out shows at venues from Houston to New York, Seattle to Charlotte, Baton Rouge to New Jersey, Dallas, Miami, and other major cities around the country. The “Teachers Only Tour” has established Eddie as the official voice of teachers across the globe. Educators from America to Africa, Dallas to Dubai, New York to New Delhi (and beyond) are getting a lesson in the funniest ways to express their worst frustrations and they are loving every second of Eddie B’s uncensored, raw, and hysterically realistic portrayal of a teacher’s hectic life, from the point of view of an actual teacher! Stay tuned for the book that tells his amazing life story.

Ramon Sosa

Ramon Sosa is a businessman and former professional boxer. After meeting and marrying his dream girl, he thought his life had finally changed for the better. He had his children, a thriving boxing gym in Houston’s ritzy suburb, and the love of his life. That is until his wife Maria got a taste of the American Dream and decided she no longer wanted to share her newfound luxuries with the man who made it all possible. After six years of marriage she asked for a divorce. However, rather than wait for it to be finalized, she hired a hitman to kill him. Ramon’s unbelievable story is a harrowing tale of deceit, suspense, and betrayal, which as has captivated television and online viewers from Europe, to Asia and right here in the United States. Soon readers will learn the entire untold story of how Ramon averted death in a remarkable new book, due out in 2019.

Cocoa Brown Cocoa Brown

Cocoa Brown is one of the most recognized television and film actresses today. The co-star on Tyler Perry’s popular sitcom “For Better or Worse” on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network drew even more national attention as everyone’s favorite Progressive Commercial character when she burst on the scene with the now famous question “Where’s Flo?” Cocoa’s career is poised to soar to new heights. The talented actress and comic c0-starrred in her first Tyler Perry film, “Single Moms Club”, in 2014 and has several other roles in production. Million$Pen, Ink is proud to have created a custom bio for Cocoa’s website. We wish her continued success.

Cocoa’s Custom Bio:

Billy Sorrells Billy Sorrells

Billy Sorrells is one of the comedy industry’s most promising and talented young artists. He is a YouTube sensation whose “Sh-t Black Girls Say” parody is well over 20 million views. He was a regular on Jamie Foxx’s Foxxhole and a successful producer, writer and director in his own right. As founder of Million$Pen, Ink., I had an opportunity to sit with Billy in an exclusive one-on-one interview for SlapStik magazine. Please turn to pages 12-15.

Billy’s Custom Bio:

Mark Viera Mark Viera

New Yorker Mark Viera performs regularly at top comedy clubs throughout the city, while also headlining at Colleges and Universities across the U.S.  Mark has also taken aim at the “small screen” with a network television debut on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning show “30 Rock”. Mark is currently a member of the “New York Kings” comedy tour.

Mark’s Custom Bio:

SlapStik Magazine

Million$Pen, Ink. wrote an article in Slapstik Magazine on behalf of Carlos Wallace, the CEO and President of Sol Caritas, one of the leading promotions and artist management companies. The article was published in one of the Comedy Industry’s leading online magazines. Please turn to pages 36 and 37.

Artist Bill Sorrells, Jr.

Country Boy with signatureSorrells first gained national recognition in 1980 for his chilling depiction of the now infamous Atlanta Child Murders. Years later, and with over 100 one-man shows and exhibitions to his credit, the gifted artist’s work continues to garner critical acclaim. His classic paintings range from regal characters enhanced in rich gold tones, to uniquely charming subjects from a bygone era composed with vibrant water colors and deep, smoky charcoals presented in stunning contrast. Creativity is the life’s blood of Sorrells’ deep passion. In the prominent artist’s own words, “I create in order that I may live, I live in order to create. I like to think of my creations as being quiet like thunder. Sorrells’ recreated his famed “Country Boy” painting for author Carlos Wallace. The print, Ol’ Country Boy, is now owned exclusively by Wallace, who features it prominently in his book, “Life Is Not Complicated, You Are”. The image symbolizes the fundamental, unpretentious lessons that helped the author navigate an overly complicated world. One look at this stunning piece and there was no doubt in his mind that Wallace had found the perfect way to depict the duality of his character: a strong willed, honorable, hard working family man and altruist with the simple heart of a Good Ol’ Country Boy from East Texas. To learn more about Bill Sorrells, Jr. or to order prints click here.

Adult Conversation Comedy Show

tshirt-the-good-jeansAdult Conversation Comedy Show is known for A-list line-ups and red-carpet treatment replete with photographers and videographers that transform the evening into a V.I.P affair.

adult-smallThe show recently produced its greatest event to date: the widely anticipated, exclusive comedy DVD taping of: “Liz Faublas: From Broadcast to Broadway!” Liz emerged from the news room to the stage, flipped the script and took the audience on an uproarious trip from suits to stilettos! Everyone in attendance was transported through outrageous well-spun stories, hilarious original characters and absurd life experiences punctuated with her unique brand of clever, gut twisting humor. Her sexy, edgy stand-up comedy produced two hilarious themes that were such a hit with audiences, Adult Conversation Comedy decided to immortalize the concepts in a unique tee. To order your very own “I got the good jeans on” t-shirt, please email

Rudy Rush

Rudy RushBorn in Harlem, comedian and radio personality Rudy Rush credits his New York roots for the grit, tenacity and cunning he uses to blaze a trail of success across the country. From Manhattan to Los Angeles, Dallas and now Houston, he is recognized as one of the most highly-regarded stand-up comics of his generation. Rush honed his comedic and writing skills by performing consistently in renowned comedy clubs and the popular college circuit, while simultaneously establishing himself as an astute businessman. The strategy helped Rush ink the deal that landed him a coveted role as host of “Showtime at the Apollo” in 2000, making him the youngest host of the longest-running African-American syndicated show.

Since then, Rush has worked alongside noted comics including Dave Chappelle, Jamie Foxx and Martin Lawrence. In 2012 Rush returned to Showtime to headline his own comedy special, “Rudy Rush: From Harlem to Hollywood”.

Today, Rudy Rush is one of Houston’s most popular DJ’s. Rush anchors the plum drive time slot on Clear Channel Communication’s 93.7 The Beat. As a radio host Rush is a cut above the rest, a reputation he built while working on nationally-syndicated radio shows including “The Ride with Doug and DeDe” and “The Doug Banks Morning Show”.